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Sorry but we are at capacity right now.....
Your application will be placed onto our waiting list and you will be contacted when we have a vacancy. In the mean while you can still get involved with the little theatre by joining them via their Facebook pages or website.

If you're an adult and interested in meeting new people who share a passion and interest in acting, either stage or film then your are most certainly in the right place.

Stagerightnewcastle was formed to provide an informal drama club for adults interested in acting.

We meet every THURSDAY at 7pm

5 Boldon Ln, Cleadon,

Sunderland SR6 7RH

Each week we share experiences, knowledge and ideas and we act out our favourite scenes, monologues and self written sketches. It's all great fun and a wonderful way to exercise our creative talents.

Joining our club requires you to complete the attached form and submitting it for consideration

You are very welcome to visit us any Thursday night as an introductory session but we are currently at capacity. If you wish to join us your application will be placed onto our waiting list and we will contact you once we have a vacancy.

Come Join the fun; download our application here

So you're probably wondering what we do? Well as we pointed out, we offer no formal training but most of our members have featured in TV shows, Film, Stage production and online media such as adverts.

As a result of this knowledge we share our our experiences  with each other so that when it comes to auditions or self tape creation we are all better informed on what is expected when applying for jobs.

Each week we also engage in activities and share some to the knowledge that we have gained over the months and years. This may be something fun and simple like improv acting. You may be given a script or asked to write your own short story and then asked to perform it you own way to the group.

Dont worry though, we are as we say, informal so there is no pressure to get involved beyond what you are comfortable with so there is no need to stress or worry about getting up to perform, its up to you what level you want to put into your time at stageright.

Come Join the fun; download our application here

We also make our own short movies for inclusion into film festivals and this is an exciting way for you to get involved and gain experience in being on set of a film or TV production.

our latests movie can be viewed on our YouTube Chanel by following this link.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a passion for film, TV, Stage, Script writing or directing then we want to hear from you. Download and complete the application form today and get involved with the newest acting club in the North East.

Come Join the fun; download our application here


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