Film Clapboard


Show Reels

Showreels are a very important way of promoting yourself and many agents, casting directors and producers ask for a self tape or show reel in lieu of actually bringing actors along to an audion

Show reels should reflect the scene being applied for or at very least sell yourself as and actor

Make your reel short and impactive, about 60-90 seconds should do it but don't over do the acting, be real and you're sure to get noticed.

Audition tapes

The arrival of Covid changed lots of things in the industry and now most production teams and casting directors will ask for an audition tape to go along with your application for a role.

The tape should be themed to the role that you are applying for, in character and if possible, in a setting that gives the casting team a visual on how you might look on the actual set.

This was my audition tape for a role as a detective, 

circa, 1890's and to be set in the Yorkshire pit villages.

So in order to give me the best chance of securing the role, I dressed accordingly, went to my local outdoor museum and found a spot where I could film and appear to be on the actual set of the movie. Whilst I did indeed impress the director, I didn't get the role but did get shortlisted on the back of the audition tape.

You Tube/Tiktok

There are many ways to promote yourself and believe it our not, casting directors do indeed trawl through tiktok and you tube looking for talented and often otherwise unknown names and faces.

It pays to upload videos to both or either platform and of course other social media platforms such as Facebook and instagram.

Carefully consider your theme, subject matter and where you might film before posting any video but be sure to share it with as many people as you can.