Schedule Dec 01 - 16th Feb

Each week we will update this section with what we plan to do at the next session, this will be decided at the previous meeting and we will let everyone know what is planned and what is required prior to to attending the session. This might include a bit of preplanning, script reading or downloading some material.

SEASON 2 - Week 1- Dec 01


We started the new season with a chat about the way forward and of course our 'production' all be it for radio rather than stage.

The group certainly got behind the ideas and with input from two very experienced actors, the group will certainly get benefit from seeing how characters develop from words on script to believable people.

now your homework - see session 2 below for details on what to do for next week


Week 2 - 8th Dec


So in our development of characters we look at the script BEST OF ENEMIES and in particular the letter about the death of Essie.

Normally Agnes would tell this tale but I want you all to look at this monologue and deliver it to the group with feeling. Remember, Agnes has read this letter day after day and has lived with the pain of losing her man. Your delivery needs to show this hurt, understanding and anger where



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