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Self Tapes

Self Tapes & Show Reels

Showreels are a very important way of promoting yourself and many agents, casting directors and producers will look at your showreel to see how you deliver on screen.

Showreels reveal how you look in a real production so take time to plan, script and choreograph your short film. Remember, your being watched by a panel that may have seen dozens of showreels that day; make yours stand out!



Showreels need to have a quality about them, both in video and sound and whilst most mobile phones are capable of 4k video or better, the sound is always going to be an issue, especially if you choose to do you reel outdoors.

There are ways around this but it needs broadcast quality equipment & this is expensive and in most cases unnecessary. I mean, why spend £££ on equipment that you might only use one or twice.

That's were we can help !!

We have invested hundreds of pounds in securing professional equipment for both sound and vision. Not only that, but we have a team of experienced technicians on hand to edit and produce your reel.

And all for an affordable price too.


How to secure our help

  • Start by writing and planning your script but make it short, your reel should last 60-90 seconds so no need to write war and peace

  • Try to find an interesting location that lends itself to your script

  • Try to include one other person so that you have someone to deliver your dialogue to. Another actor is great but it doesn't have to be the case.

  • Plan any movement but make the movement of actors short and stick to maximum of 2 movements

  • GET IN TOUCH and make a booking

What we use

  • 4K DSLR camera

  • 4k handheld minicam with gimbal and blue tooth Lavalier microphone

  • 4K Drone, 

  • Broadcast quality 6 Channel Tascam linear sound recorder with 4 channel 24/48v phantom power

  • ROTE NTG4+ shotgun mic with sound blimp and dead cat windshield (48V Phantom inbuilt)

  • IPHONE IoS lavalier mic for Self tape to your own phone.

  • Bluetooth Lavalier mics(x2) for reels on your own phone with you and one other actor.

  • Green Screen for head shoulder indoors shooting

  • LED portable lighting (x2) 



By securing our help you understand that we cannot be responsible for the quality of the script, acting or scene. Our role is to capture what you direct in a manner that you want and of a quality that is acceptable in both sound and vision for casting directors and production managers. We do not guarantee that any of the reels will secure employment and we do not undertake any role to promote the actor. Our services are based on the understanding that whilst experienced and competent in video creation, we are not a commercial production house nor are we linked to any commercial production house or casting agency.

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