Schedule Aug-oct

Each week we will update this section with what we plan to do at the next session, this will be decided at the previous meeting and we will let everyone know what is planned and what is required prior to to attending the session. This might include a bit of preplanning, script reading or downloading some material.

Week I - 4th Aug

MONOLOGUE - We asked you to create a monologue and deliver it to the group and you blew us away with your talent in both the performance and the writing of the monologues, well done to you all for what was an informative and entertaining start to the season.

From the bitchy ladies tale, the the devil incarnate and the deep and meaningful, not forgetting the murder mystery, The monologues were as diverse as the members and wonderfully entertaining.

Well done everyone, now for week 2!


Week 2 - 11th Aug

CHARACTERS - This week we were introduced to Raggie Gagie, Ridian Ravenwood the private eye, Dora Lampton, Lyla and of course Basterd Brian; All good fun and seriously believable in every aspect

We were also lucky to have with us once more, Sonia, who delivered a wonderful monologue from the theatre version of ' Steel Magnolias' in character. We were also luck to have Lorna with us too, an accomplished director of many a stage production.

Gary Manson also joined us; Gary is an


accomplished drag artist who has also started in the stage version of ALLO ALLO where he played Lieutenant Grubber with the little tank. Both guests talked about the importance of making your character believable and also having a back story to fall back on.

Week 3 - 18th Aug

OOOH ERR MISSUS -Well it was only a matter of time; due to being ill with covid19 I have decided to air on the edge of caution by postponing this weeks meeting of the gang.

Keep working on your characters and we will all get back together next week when hopefully we will all be covid free

take care out there, the police might be looking for you !


Week 4 - 25th Aug

IMPROV -Well that was a night to remember. New members Max & Paul came along and got right into the feel and flow of the evening.

Improv was the theme and we had scenarios from everyday life to challenges the actors into thinking on their feet.

The kebab shop, the airline (seen Here) and the Amazon delivery were particularly amusing and well acted.

If you couldn't make it, you missed a night of fun and laughter.


More improv is planned for the next session so make sure you get your seat booked for what will certainly be a night of laughter and maybe a surprise or two

Week 5 - 1st Sept

IMPROV -Another brilliant night of acting without a script. Everything from weddings, amazon delivery men, Stavros and his Kebab shop; They all had us howling in the audience as improv took over.

If you missed this, you missed a treat and some amazing improvisation acting from the team. Look out for more of the same very soon.


Quote From Louise; I felt like I was watching my very own comedy show on stage, it was amazing and so funny.

Week 6- 8th Sept

WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY -A great night with fun and laughter all the way

we gave you the start, you gave us the scene and the scenario

and of course the laughter followed

Join us for more fun by enrolling with us now.


Week 7 - 15th Sept

WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY -A small turn out due to holidays etc but that did not stop us from having a great night and a night of laughter and fun

We gave you the opener, the style and then left it for you to set the scene and chose your cast

the rest was pure genius !


Week 8 - 22nd Sept

SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE - yes this week we had 'Gerry' (Chris Beattie) from the hit film Purely Belter join us for a chat about his role in the movie and of course Byker Grove too

Chris was a huge hit with the gang and the questions kept on coming; it was such a shame to end the night but Chris has vowed to be back to maybe act with us some time soon


Week 9 - 29th Sept

Oh what a week - Fun was had by all in this night of laughter and improv.

Rocky Too came up with an idea about whose arms are they anyway...laugh, it was hilarious.

Thanks to all that came along and took part and if you could not make it; you missed a treat

NO MEETING ON NOW UNTIL 27TH OCT so read below for your home work 


Week 9a - 27th Oct

SHOWREELS - getting jobs in TV and film very much depends on you selling yourself in the best way possible. Showreels are now very much the normal, gone are the days of waiting for hours in audition rooms, nowadays all that you need is a decent showreels to introduce yourself to casting directors.

SO YOUR HOMEWORK, we need you to work on a showreel script that tells your story to casting directors, to give you ideas, check out our video page and see how George did his showreel.


Once you have your script we will work through it then cast it to film and show you how to get it out there. Check out our video page for ideas (video)

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For those not on the 10wk enrolment please use the pay-as-you-go option

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