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Get on stage, Tv, or

Welcome to stagerightnewcastle the best acting club in the North East. The club is open to anyone interested in looking into stage or film acting.

Your career as an actor, presenter or compare could start right here.

Limited to 15 places so make sure you enroll
to secure you attendance

On the next session


The next meeting is on THURSDAY 18th Aug when we invite you to bring to life you alter-ego, your inner character, that demon or mischievous side that has been lurking away all these years.

Bring you character to life and be prepared for a grilling by the other members

Session starts 7pm so if you're not paid up on the full term, please book your spot using the pay as you go option below.

All subscriptions go towards paying admin, rent and equipment fees

A Brand New Show


25th, 26th, 27th November
Little Theatre Cleadon

Tickets on sale NOW !

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What's on

Join us at one of our workshops or come see one of our wonderful productions

If you want to be in radio

Free taster, Try before you buy

This November 25th 26th & 27th



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